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Home Care

Home care provides a comfortable and efficient environment for accessing health care. Home services include monitoring health conditions, managing medications, and providing professional personal care, which promotes recovery and contributes to improved quality of life.

Nurse checking a senior patient at the hospital

Solution installation service

The medical solutions installation service is provided to patients at their place, where all types of medical solutions are prepared and installed with high professionalism and accuracy, allowing their health needs to be met accurately and effectively without the need to go to the hospital.

Medical worker walking with two plates of food

Rile Nutrition’s formulation service

Rile Nutrition’s formulation service represents an essential part of healthcare. Our team of medical solutions specialists provides precise formulation of Ryle Nutrition, ensuring that patients’ nutritional needs are met efficiently and effectively, and contributing to enhanced recovery and ongoing healthcare.

Foley urinary catheter with urine bag for disability or patient in hospital.

urinary catheter installation

The urinary catheter installation service is considered one of the vital medical services. The specialized health care team installs a urinary catheter safely and accurately, which contributes to facilitating the urination process for patients and provides the necessary medical care to relieve symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Female nurse helping elderly male with walking frame stand up from bed at home. Professional care

Following up bed sores

Following up bed sores represents a vital part of health care for patients with special needs. The specialized health care team provides accurate and continuous follow-up of bed sores, by providing the necessary medical care and using modern techniques to relieve pain and speed up the healing process.

adhesive bandage and a bag on table

changing bandages for the foot in cases of diabetes, burns, and wounds

We provide this service with the utmost care. The specialized medical team changes the bandages with precision and high cleanliness, which contributes to providing the necessary care to speed up the healing process, maintain foot health, and reduce the risk of infection.”

Female nurse praying in operation theater

Post-operative follow-up

Post-operative follow-up is an essential part of comprehensive health care. Our specialized medical team provides accurate and continuous follow-up to patients after surgical operations, focusing on monitoring health developments, providing the necessary care, and ensuring the patient’s sound and rapid recovery.


Post-intensive care follow-up

Our service represents a crucial part of the recovery process. The specialized health care team provides continuous and accurate follow-up to patients after the intensive care period, by providing specialized medical care and evaluating the health condition to ensure continued improvement of the health condition and qualify the patient to return to his daily life safely.

Process of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood on a finger

Monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels is a vital part of health care. The specialized medical care team provides periodic and continuous monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, using modern technologies and appropriate tests, to adjust medications and treatments according to the needs of each patient and improve the quality of life.”

Little boy sitting on the couch in front of the nebulizer

Nebulizer sessions

Nebulizer sessions are considered an essential part of respiratory treatments, facilitated by a specialized health care team that administers nebulizer sessions with precision, dedication, and meticulous care. The device efficiently delivers medication in an aerosolized form directly to the patient’s respiratory system, significantly ameliorating breathing difficulties and effectively addressing a spectrum of respiratory issues.


Health Consultation

"We provide medical examination services at home by experienced specialists and consultants. Our specialized medical team conducts medical examinations and examinations in the comfort of your home, providing you with comfort and reassurance and facilitating access to professional medical care with ease and ease."

elderly care

Elderly care

We provide elder care services with the utmost care and attention. This includes providing comprehensive, personalized care to seniors in their homes, including health monitoring, medication management, and assistance with daily activities. We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment that meets their needs and enhances their comfort and quality of daily life.

Close up scientist hand takes plastic tip for automatic pipette from the box for sample collection

collecting medical samples and conducting comprehensive analyzes

We provide services for collecting medical samples and conducting comprehensive analyzes efficiently and accurately. Our specialized health care team draws samples with great professionalism in your home, and the necessary analyzes are conducted by accredited laboratories to obtain comprehensive results that meet the needs of health treatment and diagnosis accurately and effectively.

Pregnant, ultrasound and woman sitting on a sofa in the living room of her home with a baby bump or

ultrasound, Doppler, and echocardiogram services at home

We provide ultrasound, Doppler, and echocardiogram services at home by a qualified and specialized team in the field of health care. Medical examinations are performed accurately and effectively in the comfort of your home, allowing accurate examination, proper diagnosis, and the provision of appropriate medical care without the need to travel to medical centers.

Asian young woman nurse at nursing home take care disabled senior man at backyard.

12 or 24 hour nursing

We provide specialized nursing services at home, with a team of qualified and trained nurses. Services include 12- or 24-hour nursing visits to provide continuous health care and support to patients, providing comfort and reassurance to families and contributing to improving the quality of life at home.

Nurses in medical ward

nurses of both sex

We have a qualified and specialized multinational nursing team, consisting of men and women dedicated to providing the best healthcare at home. Our services are characterized by professionalism and dedication to work, ensuring comprehensive and continuous patient care and continuous health support.

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